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Somewhere far away, in the uncharted realms of the ocean, lies the mysterious island of Mutasia. As one of the few unexplored places left on Earth, Mutasia is home to a previously unknown collection of wildlife, unique to the island of Mutasia. The inhabitants are called Mutasians and are mixed up mixes of every type of animal imaginable. As you explore the island and meet the Mutasians, you’ll discover that they are a lot more like you than you might think!


6 days ago
Officially finished our 3rd book in the Figley series today! #mutasia #childrensbooks #kids #kidsbooks #animals…
1 week ago
By far the best episode of the season with a breathtaking performance by @ZahnMcClarnon #westworld - I’m speechles……
1 week ago
@ZahnMcClarnon This episode was literally the best one of the season. And you were just breathtaking in it. The str……
1 week ago
RT @MUTASIA: Meet Carl,the pugapillar, and more hilarious, mixed-up pets in Mutasia’s beloved children’s book, “Figley’s Search For The Per…
2 weeks ago
@celiafink Just saw it. There really isn’t an emoji to describe how I feel. Haha.